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April in Chicago….(my quick version of a few tidbits) I had a vision of my trip to the Windy City going something like this- Chicago style pizza, more pizza, eat my share of Chicago style hot dogs,

Morocco & some Quiet time

I’m here… just been focusing on some quiet time.  I know that doesn’t sound possible between my October trip to Morocco, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years  to now.  But it has been

One Week, Three continents

I have decided to take a trip to Marrakesh Morocco.  Africa, that is.  I’ve wanted to go since I was a teen and somehow never really thought of it as “Africa,” funny. I’m

West Texas

It’s been a fun summer with a few travels under our belt.  We found ourselves returning to Balmorhea State Park by way of our 1962 Airstream trailer.  To be more familiar with the area,

Welcome, again

Sometimes accidents happen.  Sometimes they’re good.  Sometimes I still wonder “Where in cyber space are you floating around, old blog of mine?” But, hey… let’s make the