I have decided to take a trip to Marrakesh Morocco.  Africa, that is.  I’ve wanted to go since I was a teen and somehow never really thought of it as “Africa,” funny.

I’m taking my mom with me…wishing for my daughter to go (my whole family, really), but next time.  We’ll have a couple short stays in Madrid Spain, which will be a fun quick peek.  I’m sure I will come back with loads of photos and Moroccan goodies for my home.  But, I somehow think that the girls I will be meeting and helping will be the icing on the cake.  

For now, I’ll share about Project Soar, in which my lovely daughter is modeling on the iPad.  There’s so much to say about this, the girls, the community, those who make it possible.  For now, I’ll tell you that I’ll be leading an art project for these girls, bringing some fun art supplies, and taking and printing photos of them for their families.  I CANNOT WAIT!  I’m sure I will want to bring every single one of them home with me, but I’m sure Maryam will kindly tell me I shall not… but maybe come back to help again. Until my next posts full of Moroccan goodness, I leave you with the link to read all about Project Soar and the associated community projects.

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It’s been a fun summer with a few travels under our belt.  We found ourselves returning to Balmorhea State Park by way of our 1962 Airstream trailer.  To be more familiar with the area, it’s near Marfa, TX and the Davis Mountains.  This time we camped out here and didn’t explore as much as our last visit.  We did make a day trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico which was very cool!

Balmorhea State Park is located on the San Solomon Springs in far West Texas… in the High Desert of the Trans-Pecos, to be exact.  We decided to let the kids take full advantage of learning how to snorkel in the unique spring fed pool.  It’s basically a place that seems part swimming pool with a constructed pool/hard floor and then drops to 25 feet deep where there are rocks, plant life, Texas Soft Shell Turtles and rare fish only found here.

During this trip, I primarily pulled out my iPhone for photos. As you can see, my kids are part fish.

Here’s what our last trip looked like when we stayed at El Cosmico (one of my favorite places… next time it’s girls’ trip here!) in Marfa and the Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains.  I have a hand-full of photos in my shops from this trip.

On the way to Marfa.

El Cosmico.

Indian Lodge/Davis Mountains.

Balmorhea Springs.

  • Jeri - Glad I was able to find you! Lol. This looks like such a cool place! Robert & I just may have to take a mini vacation there. But, we still need to get together!ReplyCancel

Sometimes accidents happen.  Sometimes they’re good.  Sometimes I still wonder “Where in cyber space are you floating around, old blog of mine?” But, hey… let’s make the best of it.  Here’s to change! My old blog that I’ve had for years just disappeared one day without warning.  I made a stab of an effort to try and rescue it and then decided that it was just too much hassle.  And, to stay true to my goal of simplifying life, I cleaned “cyber” house and, well…. here you go.  A new hub for me to link my art shops to and share my projects, sprinkled with personal tid bits here and there, as I live, travel, and print (& repeat). You can find my Etsy and Big Cartel shop links to the right >>> where I have a handful of travel prints for sale. Currently, they are from travels primarily in the western US with more updates to come.  In honor of our next travel plans to Oregon, here are views from past trips.  Thanks for stopping by!

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